Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Stickers

Our stickers are printed on 3M-quality vinyls, utilizing eco-solvent inks that provide a wider color gamut than traditional latex ink printers. We also offer lamination with added UV protection to make your stickers outlast the competition!

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Why choose these stickers over less expensive options?

Many of the cheaper options are screen printed, which is limited by colors, although quite durable on vinyl.
They are made in Portland, Oregon using organic, free-range materials.

What are the most common sizes?

There are a few popular options such as 2×4″ or 3×3″, but we can accommodate custom sizes up to 52″ wide.

Does it cost extra for more colors?

I use a digital printing process and unlike screen-printers, am not limited by number of colors.

What type of file do I need to send?

I can typically open any file type, no matter the source. I can work with photos, scanned images, vectored images as well as most any file type ever created.
I will contact you if there is something that may affect the final quality.

Do I need a vectored image?

While vectored graphics are ideal for large scale printing, they are absolutely not necessary for printing pocket-sized stickers.
We would be happy to review any image quality issues you may have…nafil/.

What is the difference between RGB and CMYK?

Simply put: the difference between these two ‘color modes’ is that RGB represents what can be displayed on Screens, and CMYK is limited to what can be reproduced in Print.
RGB [Red, Green, Blue] = 16M colors
CMYK [Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key*] = 160k colors

*In traditional printing, the plates are aligned with the Key plate [black]